Using the principles of Lean Manufacturing as a foundation, Lean Marketing proposes the design and implementation of rigorous processes to help systemise and standardize the roll out of corporate marketing. Lean Marketing ensures efficient, monitored and sustainable marketing practices. With Lean Marketing processes and principles in place marketing efforts become measurable, wastage is eliminated and continuous improvement can be realised.


Marketing individuals, with a talent for business strategy.  With a true entrepreneurial spirit, we have worked together for over 10 years and believe that with our skills we can make any business a success and contribute to a positive growth of brand and turn over. Paired with our passion for people, business strategies, sales and marketing, we offer not only marketing but also business consulting to make sure your brand is number one.

We specialize in growing start-ups and emerging market business for our clients who are largely industrial customers of various sizes and nationalities. We offer customers a Central Marketing Warehouse Concept which ensures brand consistent implementation across all subsidiaries to create a truly global brand.


Reviewing the traditional experience of marketing departments

Marketing departments of global head offices essentially exist to plan, design and set the tone for the corporate brand and image worldwide, identify core marketing messages, and communicate product and application point of view. The core focus of these departments is, and should be, the identification of the strategic marketing direction of the global company. Typically, this is done with the help of professional outsourced services. All of these strategic planning and marketing efforts are typically collated into …

Central Marketing Warehouse

Imagine a 24/7 dedicated support centre for marketing execution, with a strong business team behind it, that works directly with the global head office to not only execute the outsourced services for creative design, PR, media but also manage the implementation for emerging markets.

This is possible with positiv. International

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